You must have heard it before: woman falls in love with a man, man and woman meet once, the man is starting a business, asks his lady for money, the lady keeps on sending money until one day the man disappears, his phonenumber is no longer valid and his Internet traces run cold…

Some free websites are the ideal place for scammers to do their thing. So what do you look for in order to feel safe?

Free sites earn money by showing advertisements and once they have a lot of members, they will have a team that is constantly on the outlook for scammers (and rude members as well). So look for the amount of members and the amount of new members coming in every day. If there are no new members, chance is small this site hasn’t much resources to fend off scammers.

However: if you happen to stumble upon a small yet cozy community run by an expat, contact the expat to see if he or she is genuine. Do know that these people run the side as a hobby of a community service, so it could take a few days before they answer you back.


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